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Can't see the Operations Forum? Calendar is blank? Get member permissions!

If you haven't already, post in the "Need Member Access" thread in the Recuitment forum. An officer will give you member permissions, allowing you to access to the Operations Forum and the Calendar.

Not sure if you have member permissions? Go to the forums. If you see "Operations Discussion" in the "Members Only" section, you already have member permissions. Otherwise, post in the following thread and ask for permissions:

The Friday Announcement/Upcoming changes

For those of you who were unable to make the Friday announcement or those who wanted to read over the more comprehensive detail I promised, here it goes. Sorry, little behind in getting it all posted up. This thread will be the summary, with more specific detail going into other sticky posts.

Optimization patch coming tomorrow!

Here be bugs features, but also reportedly 30%+ improvements in FPS, especially during major fights. Cross those fingers ladies and gentlemen. Lot's of new and returning players likely to be out, so this week will be an excellent time to go represent EXE with pride and smoother framerates.

Whops...and captcha

Hello Everybody,

So I made a stupid mistake today. While updating some of the modules on the site, the database got corrupted. And because I didn't make a backup before starting the patches, I had to use a backup from 2:30pm PST today. So unfortunately, all posts from the last 8 hours or so are gone. I do have a backup copy of the corrupted database. If anyone wrote something particularly long they would like restored, let me know.

Free Games!!!!

I have game codes for Origin

Mirrors Edge
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

I already own most and gave steam codes to family. I only kept Burnout and Crysis for myself on Steam. Only codes I have left are for Origin.
First come first serve so pick one, but if only one person messages me by the end of the week he/she will get them all.

Evening Post of Glorious Blog of Virtuous Republic

Greetings to valiant citizens of Glorious Republic of Terran People! Enjoy video for entertainment of the people:

Loyalist forcasters predict high percent chance of angry precipitation containing severe concentrations of loyalty until death towards the end of the month. It would be unlike Glorious Leaders to allow summer to end without proper sendoff. Stay tuned.


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